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90 Days Warranty on all Used Devices!
90 Days Warranty on all Used Devices!

About Us

What is Aeonz?

Aeonz Electronics is the Premiere consumer and enterprise electronics E-Commerce site, offering computer components, the latest smartphones, and much more.

You can find new and certified pre-owned tested devices. We offer 30 day returns and a 90 day warranty on all our products because we stand behind every item we sell. Our products are typically 20-70% off our competitors pricing while never sacrificing quality.

Recycle the modern way!

Here at Aeonz electronics we go above and beyond in offering used and certified devices. When you purchase one of our certified pre-own or used devices you are helping reduce E-Waste. Aeonz Electronics is also a certified  ‘Responsible Recycling’ (R2) facility. Which means we have been inspected and audited to recycle E-Waste responsibly and source ethically all your products.

Always available! 

We love our customers, and we want you to be able to reach us 24 hours a day. We provide 24 hour live chat support, and email support. Each channel goes to our highly trained experts who can answer any of your questions.

Our Mission!

To give our customers the best price on the best quality product while helping our customer reduce E-Waste.